About Us

Harford Village is a quality residential community offering:

Affordable Living

Our manufactured homes are significantly more affordable than conventional stick-built homes. Not only do you get more space for the dollar, they have amenities that are unbelievable for the price. Amenities like fireplaces, large kitchens, decks, and walk-in closets. Many homes feature three bedroom/three bathroom floor plans, with large master-bedroom suites.

Universal Appeal

Whether you’re just starting out on your own, are single, raising a family, or retired, Harford Village is the ideal place to call home. Opened in the early 1970’s, Harford Village has grown into a community with 483 home sites on 80 acres. About to begin a third generation of local ownership, Harford Village has enjoyed an enviable reputation for superior management, peace and quiet, and neighborliness.

Friendly Atmosphere

Harford Village residents have a strong sense of community. They are neighborly, looking out for each other, respecting each other and the property of others, and abiding by the few rules needed to protect the value of everyone’s home and make sure Harford Village continues to be what it has always been—a great place to live!


Harford Village is on Route 40 and minutes from I-95, giving residents easy access to everything needed: employment, schools, shopping, entertainment, and recreation.