Meet Your Neighbors

Bruce Hoffman

My mother lived here for 32 years. Now I’m living in her home; my brother calls it “our family’s second generation homestead!” Why do I like it? Big reason—it’s affordable. Even the lot rents are affordable. If this were in Baltimore County you’d be paying at least $200 a month more. The neighbors are very quiet; it’s very peaceful here. Even if you are retired, you can feel useful. Before I became disabled, I did a lot of handyman jobs for people in the Park. It was extra income for me and really helped out some of my neighbors who can’t do for themselves. The management staff is very friendly and accommodating, very helpful. Paul, the maintenance guy is great; Sue is very nice They’re also strong when it comes to keeping the Park looking good. The annual inspections keep everyone within the standards that are expected and that makes this community so attractive and desirable. The rules and regulations make this an oasis.

We look out for each other. It’s a neighborhood, not just a group of people who happen to live here. We have a real community feeling here. Everyone is very friendly and as long as you do what normal people do to live, you’ll be fine. Step out of line and management will step in and fix it.

Harford Village is so convenient. You have easy access to different things that you need—shopping, post office, Wal-Mart. I don’t drive and like that I can walk up to the stores along Rt. 40. Even walking up there at 9 or 10 at night, I feel very secure doing that.

And, it’s pet friendly. Now we have the pool and playground, great if you have kids

Harford Village has a really great reputation. I would definitely recommend Harford Village.

Reginald Calloway

I’ve lived here for five years. I used to live in Baltimore City. I was looking for something affordable. I wasn’t looking for a mobile home or to move out to Harford County. But then I saw an ad for Harford Village. I think the Lord spoke to me. What made Harford Village an ideal choice for me was the price, just enough yard so as not to be overwhelming, living on one floor, good management, the low ground rent, the area, and the convenience to shopping and to I-95. That is what I like about living here.
The management here makes the playing field level; everyone has to abide by the same rules. If you don’t, you’re out. Plus, we help each other out, neighbors look out for neighbors. There’s a man who is handicapped across the street. All of us—his neighbors I mean—pitch in and help him out.

Look around my home. Nothing says “trailer” inside, and you don’t live on the outside.

In my opinion, the top attraction is how affordable living here is.

Patty Parish

My husband and I moved here for two main reasons. We got a fantastic deal on our home and he was raised here and wanted to come “home.” I think that he actually wanted to move back to the community says something about the quality of life here.

How would I describe the quality of life we enjoy? Well, I’d start by saying that neighbors definitely look out for each other here. We’re a close-knit community. The people around you demonstrate that they’re concerned about you; that makes you feel safe. One family’s home burned. Everyone pitched in. Donated pots, pans, blankets, meals; helped them repair the damage. Some of my neighbors are older, retired. I do the shopping for some. My husband, who’s a plumber by trade, helps them out with small repairs. If I have extra chicken from cooking dinner for me and my husband, I’ll run some over to a neighbor. It really is a “village.” Listen, I’m a realtor and I’ll tell you that you can’t find a community as close-knit as this one anywhere in Harford County. Instead of people looking down on trailer parks, the stigma should be with suburban developments where every house looks basically the same, people are isolated and no one knows their neighbors. Remember that a Village is the people and this is truly a village.

This community is beautifully kept. I’ve never experienced any trouble here. I take the dog out at night, no worries about my safety. There are lots of kids living here but they don’t disrespect my space. I’ve never been disrespected by anyone living here, young or old. I appreciate that the management does a background check on all new residents; a lot of similar communities only do a credit check.

My husband and I stay here because people tend to stay here a long time; that makes it a stable community. You might think we have a very transient group of residents, but we don’t. It’s very stable and that’s important because in a stable community everyone knows who belongs and who doesn’t so it’s safer. Plus you get to know your neighbors. When we lived in a typical suburban neighborhood, we didn’t even know our next door neighbors’ names. Here, everyone knows you but they don’t stick their noses in your business. It’s friendly; first day you move in, everyone around you stops in to say “Hello” and introduce themselves. They look out for you. This is a community of good people.

Plus it’s just so convenient. The Thrift Store is right across Rt. 40—and we all appreciate it in tough times like we’re all going through. Wal-Mart and Target are within ten minutes of here. Joppatown has a large inside flea market. And when it comes to recreation, you can’t beat Harford County.

We have a community-wide flea market every year. Now, here’s the thing. You just put a table outside with your stuff on it, priced, and it’s the honor system. People just leave their money—try that in Baltimore City!

I’ve lived a lot of places and none makes me feel at home like this. Every time I turn in at the front entrance, the first thought in my mind is “Man, I’m home!”

Ed Parks

My wife and I had a townhouse in the Essex area; it was getting too much for us. We wanted a home that was easier to take care of and was all on one level. We’re getting older. Eight years ago, we found this place; put our home up for sale, and moved here.

We really like it here mostly because it’s quiet. After 9 P.M. you don’t hear anything. It’s also very convenient to everything we need.

I know my neighbors and we look out for each other but everyone stays to themselves in the sense that they aren’t pushy. If they know you don’t like to socialize, they respect that. But when someone goes away, we all have each other’s phone numbers. If we were to see something suspicious, we know to call the police. No one’s had to do that, but it gives you a sense of comfort when you go away.

We have had no problem with the management. They’ve never turned me down when I’ve wanted to do something to improve my home.

Pedro Nieves, Janet Cabera & their two daughters, Janeliz (age 15) & Jereliz (age 13)

We moved to Harford Village two years ago from Aberdeen. We didn’t like Aberdeen. The neighborhood wasn’t very nice. We were renting. We wanted a home, something that belonged to us. Regular houses were too expensive for us. So we started looking at manufactured homes. We were shocked. Both of us kept saying “Wow! Wow! Wow! This is really nice!” We were just like all those people who have a negative idea of “trailers.” But when we saw them, it really opened our eyes. We couldn’t believe how nice the homes are and so affordable. We feel much more comfortable living in a home we own. People who have negative ideas of what it’s like to live in a “trailer park” ought to come here and see for themselves. They really don’t know what they’re talking about.

We really like how convenient this location is. Shopping. Our church. It’s all right here. We’re close to Baltimore. That’s important because I travel to my job in the Inner Harbor every day, in Rt. 40 or sometimes 95. I never have a problem. The commute is easy.

I think you need to tell people that with the economy the way it is and people having their homes foreclosed and everything, they can still live the dream of home ownership. You can still feel like you have a big, beautiful home. The best investment today is a mobile home.

Very safe here, even walking around at night. Where we lived in Aberdeen before we moved here, the police were being called all the time for people fighting and things. That never happens here.

What I’d tell people is “Just come on board and join us. You’ll never be disappointed.” Everyone I invite here to visit us has the same first impression when they come in the front door: “Wow! Wow! Wow!”

Jennifer Adams

When I started looking for where to live, I thought maybe I’d rent. But everyone I talked to said “Don’t rent. When you rent, you’re just paying them.” Then a real estate agent came to talk to me about buying a condo. Boy, when I found out what it costs, I walked him right to the door.

I saw one mobile home park near Aberdeen. It was huge, but I was nervous about the area. I have a teenage son and there were no family members nearby.

One thing I like about here is that it’s so convenient to my job in Bel Air. Maybe a 20-minute commute. It’s not a big deal at all to commute from here to Bel Air and it’s more affordable here than over there. This home had a price range I could afford. It’s all on one level; not like the house my husband and I had in Middle River before he died. That’s important when you have a slight disability.

No one ever talked bad about it when they found out I was moving into a trailer park. In fact, when my family saw my new home, half of them wanted one just like it. We have three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. My bathroom has a garden tub. There’s a working fireplace in the living room and a deck. Does that sound like what most people think of when they use the term “trailer”? I don’t think so.

A lot of people think you’re poor or low income if you live in a trailer, a hillbilly or something. It’s a stereotype. Until they come in the front door and see what it’s like. Then it’s “Wow. Wow. Wow This is beautiful.”

This is ideal for me and Marcus. I like it; I really do.